Adah Sharma: I'm choosy when it comes to films

Adah Sharma: I’m choosy when it comes to films


Actress Adah Sharma says she is picky when it comes to signing films and that she tries to pick something that is different from what she has done before.
“Yes, I am picky when it comes to choosing films. I try to be part of films that I would want to watch. I also try to pick different roles from what I have done. I started with ‘1920’. I am very fortunate, the actresses in our industry for years don’t get a chance to do what I got to do in my debut,” Adah told media agency.

Adah made her Bollywood debut 2008 with the film ‘1920’. She was later seen in films like ‘Hum Hai Raahi Car Ke’, the ‘Commando’ franchise, ‘Bypass Road’ and ‘Phhir’. She also worked in the southern film industry.Adah says she likes to surprise the audience.

“I try with each film to do something different because the audience also waits to see ‘what different is Adah Sharma going to do’ and if I do the same then they are like ‘anyone can do that!’. So nowadays even if it is a short film like I just did ‘Tindey’, ‘moh’ or a music video… I try to pick something that is different from what I have done and others have done as well,” she said.

She will next be seen in ‘Man To Man’

The film revolves around actor Naveen Kasturia’s character falling in love with and marrying Sharma’s character, only to realise she was biologically a man who became a woman after surgery.

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