Like Kareena At Pataudi's Farewell, Alia Bhatt Is The Ideal Bahu At Kapoor's Bereavement

Like Kareena At Pataudi’s Farewell, Alia Bhatt Is The Ideal Bahu At Kapoor’s Bereavement


In the event that there was any uncertainty about Alia Bhatt’s status in Ranbir Kapoor’s family, her calm nearness with the family after Rishi Kapoor’s demise evacuated all questions about her place in Ranbir’s life. Alia was there with the family at the memorial service. She has additionally been there to grasp her future mother during the most recent days when the end was unavoidable.

Says a source, “Alia is near Ranbir’s mom Neetu Kapoor. Alia has been investing a ton of energy with Neetu during these troublesome occasions.”

Sources near the Kapoors state Alia’s essence during Rishi Kapoor’s leaving was a precise replay of Rishi Kapoor’s niece Kareena’s quality at Saif’s home when his dad Nawab Pataudi kicked the bucket.

“Alia’s help and open love for Neetu Kapoor is a careful reverberation of Bebo (Kareena’s) nearness by Sharmila Tagore’s side when she lost her significant other. Alia is prepared in each sense to be a piece of the Kapoor family,” says an entertainer near Neetu Kapoor.

The Ranbir-Alia wedding won’t occur whenever this year yet is a certain shot right off the bat in 2021.

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