Tickling Our Funny Bones With His Humorous Comedy: Harsh Gujral

Comedian Harsh Gujral is tickling our funny bones with his humorous comedy. In an exchange with The Talented Indian, he shares about his journey so far.

Harsh gujral

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A burst of hearty laughter is the best remedy to any problem in life. And comedians are the experts of laughter who give us a reason to laugh every time. In an exchange with The Talented Indian, the upcoming comedian Harsh Gujral shares his about his journey so far.

Born and raised in Kanpur, Harsh moved to Delhi around thirteen years ago. So, his comedy has a flavour of both places. During his school days, he started mimicking other people, which in his words “was a headache for all his teachers in school.” This continued even in college and upon the insistence of his friends, he performed his first stage show in 2017. Now two years later, he has uploaded his first stand up on YouTube and it has garnered huge appreciation among his audience.

Harsh is an engineer by qualification and has worked with many India MNCs. In those moments of boredom at the office, he continued writing jokes based on his observation of society, which became the basis for his style of comedy. Inspired by Kapil Sharma, his comedy also relates to real-life events and people.

He states that “Stage comedy has many dimensions to it and it requires strength to struggle through the writing process. I am still learning the tricks of my trade. But despite all the challenges, the last two years were like a dream run. And I loved every bit of it.”He believes that every person is talented in their unique ways. As far as comedy is concerned it is natural art. Like any other form of skill, it requires a lot of hard work and persistence to be perfected. His advice to all the young dreamers is that “keep your dreams alive and keep working hard for it. Never give up as dreams do come true

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