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Deepak Kalal: Everything you want to know about this controversial person. Who is the most hated person in India! Because of his YouTube videos. He is also featured on many TV shows. He was beaten by the public as well.

  • Deepak Kalal, Comedian Under Attack.
  • Deepak Kalal was born in October of 1972 in Los Angeles, California, USA. He married Rakhi Sawant in December of 2018
  • Deepak Kalal is an internet sensation known for his Youtube channel where he does everything from cooking tutorials to comedy videos.
  • Deepak Kalal is also well known for his appearance on India’s Got Talent (IGT), and for his comedic timing in his jokes.
  • Deepak Kalal has over one hundred thousand followers on Instagram, and he loves to post about his family.

Before he found his calling in comedy, he worked as at a hotel in Pune as a receptionist. He was in a dire financial situation and had to leave school after 10th class to make some money. He dropped out, took a class on managing a hotel, and started working.


Deepak Kalal is popular all over, being a well-known face in Bangladesh and Pakistan as well as India. He was offered a spot on India’s Big Brother based reality show, Bigg Boss, for season 12, but he declined. He lists his profession as a travel blogger, though he does so much more than that.

Recently, Deepak has been in the news again as he was attacked in early 2019. He has posted several videos of him being attacked on social media. The incident appeared to be instigated by some kind of traffic incident.

He and another man got in an argument, and the other man ended up slapping him repeatedly in the head and face, to the point that he was in tears. The attacker also grabbed Deepak’s hair and arm at times, holding him near the attacker.

The video ends with the attack grabbing Deepak’s arm, twisting it behind him, and covering his mouth. He has apparently reported the attack to local police but has not received justice yet.

Deepak Kalal is an Indian YouTube, Comedian, and Social Media Influencer. He was conceived on 19 October 1972 in Pune, Maharashtra. He is known for his YouTube recordings and as of late additionally showed up in India’s Got Talent 2018.

From Middle Class to Comedian Star

Deepak Kalal was originally introduced to a Middle-Class Marathi family in Pune, Maharashtra. His dad “Vasant Kalal” who filled in as an architect in Municipal Corporation in Mumbai, while his mom is a homemaker and she additionally showed up in his a portion of his YouTube recordings. Deepak Kalal guardians continually supporting him to turn into an Internet Sensation.

Deepak Kalal orderly school till secondary school on account of some money related emergency. Afterwards, he did Craftsmanship course in Cookery from Rizvi College of Hotel Management, Bandra, and Mumbai. From that point onward, he began filling in as an assistant in Pune.


Deepak Kalal is a YouTuber and a comedian whose main aim is to laugh everyone through his annoying things.


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